Cashmere pashmina in soft Hemlock Green


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Hemlock Green cashmere pashmina
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Hemlock Green pashmina made of the finest cashmere

Hemlock Green pashmina. This very beautiful scarf is hand woven diamond weave. The colour is a gorgeous soft hemlock green, a new natural colour that is easy to combine with other neutral colours, blue colours and strong pastel colours such as pink and purple (radiant orchid) . Good quality cashmere absorbs colours in a very unique way, which means that even strong colours never look garish or 'coloured', but instead it always have a certain depth and calmness that gives it a luxurious appearance. The cashmere used for this scarf is of such a fine, soft and light quality that it cannot be power loomed and the pashmina is therefore 100 % hand made. This high quality means that the scarf drapes beautifully. No matter how you style it will always look beautiful and exclusive. Cashmere is heat regulating and therefore comfortable to wear whether it is warm or cold, hence it is an ideal scarf to fold and bring along in your bag for cool summer mornings and evenings. 

Composition: 100 % fine cashmere
Style: simple, elegant
Size: 70 x 200 cm
Colour: hemlock green
Design: diamond weave with hand fringed edges
Hand made
Dry clean