Large mustard coloured cashmere shawl with embroideries along the edges

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Mustard coloured cashmere shawl with embroideries along the edges
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Wonderful mustard coloured shawl with embroideries along the edges
The shawl is handwoven of the finest quality cashmere and has hand embroideries along the edges in a tight and elegant design. The cashmere is of the finest and thinnest quality which has been gathered by hand after the goats have naturally shed their hair or by combing the goats. Collecting the hair this way means that you get longer and therefore softer hair than by normal cashmere. All work; sorting the wool, spinning and weaving is done by hand as this is the only way one can produce such fine, soft and light cashmere products. The colour is an amazingly beautiful mustard colour with embroideries in dark red, green and white along the edges. This is a scarf that brighten up any out-fit whether it is combined with jeans or worn with a party dress.
Composition: 100 % superior cashmere
Style: elegant, classic
Size: 1 x 2 m
Colour: mustard with embroidery in green, blue, red and white
Design: plain coloured (mustard) with borders of small flowers in red, green, blue and white tightly embroidered along the edges. A very sober design.
100 % hand made
Dry clean