“To be a person is to have a story to tell”

We’re all people, and we all have a story to tell. Stories are important, they are our communal currency and that’s why this season we have taken inspiration from stories and great storytellers. Just as you can’t hurry a good story, you can’t hurry a good design. A story well told, and design well created will stay with us for a long time and become part of our future story. Behind every item of Asneh design and clothing there is a story. This continuity and flow of stories are what creates our communal heritage, just like the continuity and flow of our designs is what shapes Asneh as a brand. This season we have chosen to focus on brilliant storytellers, whether they have told their stories via musical performance and creation, such as Maria Anna Mozart, or via writings as Karen Blixen did. Some of the people on our mood-board like Marlene Dietrich, Jean Rhys and Ingres are famous for their storytelling skills, other such as the French painter Marie Gabrielle Capet and the prodigious Maria Anna Mozart whose talent matched that of her brother Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are less know. The greatest storyteller of them all is, of course, Sheherazade whose storytelling skills saved many lives. The 1001 Night has featured heavily on the mood-board, especially illustrations by the Danish illustration Kay Nielsen, but also a wonderful painting by Sophie Andersen. We hope that Asneh designs will work their way into your life, and become part of your personal story and narrative.