What Peridotskies writes about Asneh

Peridotskies wearing AsnehOne of the greatest joys to instagram is meeting new friends, finding inspiration and discovering new brands. I was lucky on this particular day that I stumbled upon Asneh Cashmere. A gorgeous line of cashmere and silk wears, I fell instantly in love with their designs; loved the ombre pink and red sweater. It was available in a dress too. I did what I always do when I find a new brand and researched them. Okay, so some would call it stalking... but whatever you refer to it, its critical learning. Asneh Cashmere is a Danish luxury fashion brand that focuses on gorgeous knits of silk and cashmere. They design and make gorgeous sweaters, dresses, and scarfs to name a few. If you could feel how soft this sweater is you would better understand why I love it so much. The fuchsia bow is a statement for sure.

When Asneh Cashmere sent me this sweater I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about the bow and if it would be too much for a larger chest. I was pleasantly surprised how great it looks. The hem line is a bit shorter and I think that helps with my particular frame size to not add unnecessary bulk to my outfit. This sweater is the perfect weigh to layer with a blazer or add a little edge to it and pair it with your jean jacket. I love so many items in their fall line and you definitely should check it all out. Up next for this sweater I will be sharing how to dress it down with denim! Stay tuned!


In December 2016 Peridotskies wrote about wear our Florence top

When you think of layers you generally tend to think of a cute tank and cardigan, or maybe a button down and jacket with a cute scarf.  I have a great outfit with layers and pattern mixing I am sharing later this week so watch for it.  My outfit today is the perfect layering without the bulk.  Asneh Cashmere sent me this gorgeous vest.  It is so very soft and the diamond pattern is simply stunning in detail.  When I first opening the box my mind raced with so many ways to use this versatile wardrobe item.  We generally tend to think of a sweater vest as over a blouse, or top.  I decided to style it the first time as my only under layer.  Such a cute look don't you think?  I love how it is season appropriate but allows for the weather to warm up a bit in the afternoons and you don't overheat under to many bulky layers.


florence pink