We are so happy to reveal our new club: Asneh Darlings. For a long, long time we have known that we wanted to make a special club for the awesome people who like our cashmere. However, we also knew that we didn't want to make just another email subscription list where we could churn out endless emails about yet another discount or new sweater. Don't get us wrong, we believe there are few news items more interesting than new sweaters (certainly if they are designed by Asneh), but we wanted more. Something interesting, fun, positive and worthwhile signing up for - that's how the concept for Asneh Darlings was conceived.

Asneh Darlings

What's in a Name?

Well, quite a lot - we think. Names are important, we spend aeons on deciding names for our designs, because we believe a name has to fit the sweater. The name Asneh means love (read here if you want to know more), and of course we needed the perfect name for our Darlings. We went through a lot of ideas: angels, army, amores (yes, we had a bit of a fixation on alliteration for a while), friends, lovers, devotees  and so the list went on and on. It took a while, but  once we came up with Darlings the decision was quickly made -  it was everything we wanted.  Asneh Darlings is positive, it is stylish and shows a bit of wit - just like the real 

Asneh Darlings!


The Perks of being an Asneh Darling

  • Insight into our collections. We share thoughts, ideas and fun from behind the scene
  • First to know when new items are arriving
  • Special previews
  • Opportunity to participate in our world and come with feed-back
  • Exclusive offers and discounts solely for Asneh Darlings
  • And more . . . .

Why not join? Sign up via Asneh Darlings